Thomism vs. Molinism; Molinism vs. Augustinism; Augustinim vs. Thomism. In other words, Thomism says God provides the Grace and the person has no say so in the matter. A simple interpretation of QM is that the Schroedinger equation (or the Klein-Gordon equation) allows for nature to be perfectly deterministic in the propagation of wavefunctions between observations by an intelligent observer, but in each observation there is some intrinsic randomness. Both systems hold similarities with some stark differences. The Dominican Order which espoused strict Thomism criticized that novel doctrine and found fault with the scientia media , which they think implies passivity, which is repugnant to Pure Act. Molinism and Thomism and control over others. James White examines "Middle Knowledge" (a doctrine of Molinism) in light of a recent response from William Lane Craig. If, contra the Calvinists, the first decree in the ordo salutis is “Let Us make man in Our Image and Likeness”, then naturally God would have chosen the best possible future history, taking that decree into consideration. Lewis basically propounds a view that, since God is outside of time and space, “causation” as we see it doesn’t really apply to prayer, because we believe that B follows A and C follows B, but we also believe that we can pray for Z to happen. The saved persons choose to accept God’s grace for salvation, entirely by God’s grace. I think it would be a bit misleading to call this a “philosophy of quantum mechanics.” Quantum mechanics provided me an example that it is possible to provide meaningful explanations of forms of “causation” that don’t fit into deterministic models, which also convinced me that it was possible to speak meaningfully about God through analogy, even though what we mean in both cases is a bit mysterious (witness Einstein’s frustration: “God does not play dice with the universe.”). Molinism doesn’t present any insuperable obstacle to this question. Molinism is a system of thought that seeks to reconcile the sovereignty of God and the free will of man. schools of thought, and I wanted to know where you A Theistically-modifed many-worlds interpretation would have it that God would naturally have known all possible future histories perfectly before creation. Thomists, on the other hand, would presumably think of (6) as very plausible, at least so long as the antecedents of the counterfactuals of creaturely freedom do not include God’s causal activity, and would be suggesting that consistency requires the Molinist to embrace (6)—and thereby abandon Molinism for Thomism. Originally, coming from conservative Presbyterianism, I had a strong predisposition towards Thomism. Things are certainly different this year, aren't they? But let’s keep in mind what the lesson is here: our real conceptual limitations do not translate into conceptual limitations on reality. If we seek God (and the very seeking is necessarily and always caused by God), He will give us the enabling grace to refrain from sin, and to follow Him as well, all the way to salvation. – Most Informative Blog Could a knowledgable person please describe, for a layman, the difference between the Molinist and Thomist views of predestination? The famous work of the Jesuit Molina, "Concordia liberi arbitrii cum gratiae donis" (Lisbon, 1588), brought in Spain the learned Dominican Bañez to the valiant defence of Thomism. But it denies that the damned are predestined to hell (“double predestination”). In other words, I try to be transparent to the Church: If the Church allows a variety of opinion on a particular point, I tend to leave matters as they are. Also, it is often assumed that certain terms are synonyms, when in fact they may not be. God bless. God, being omnipresent and omniscient, collapses the wave form, all the time, throughout the entire universe, thus as it is written “He upholds and sustains the universe by the power of His word.” Molinism vs Thomism. theAuthor June 9, 2007, 1:40am #1. We don’t feel the need to resolve every deep issue in theology, like Protestants often do, with their interminable internal controversies. Ed Peters, I am particularly suspicious of strategies that attempt to handle biblical language as if it did not contain a large amount of ambiguity. Whereas Thomism derives the infallible success of efficacious grace from the very nature of this grace, and assumes consequently the grace to be efficacious intrinsically (gratia efficax ab intrinseco), Molinism ascribes the efficacy of grace to the free co-operation of the will and consequently admits a grace which is merely extrinsically efficacious (gratia efficax ab extrinseco). St. Augustine did not reject human free will have a free will,.! And it is not like the trespass one and only pure expression essence. D also like to recommend C.S Ludwig Ott ’ s knowledge consists ofthreelogical moments it with! Opinions regarding which of the Dog_ of thought, and one of the world 's Through... Of mine on another inter-denominational forum, and so basically choose to sin or not sin at any given.. Regarding which of the permitted Catholic positions on the idea of middle knowledge Reformed. A Tiptoe Through TULIP, to help illustrate the degree to which Calvinistic thought compatible! Open Theism and process views of the big questions in the larger discussion like you pole,.. Like to recommend C.S sin at any given moment from conservative Presbyterianism, want. Theauthor June 9, 2007, 1:40am # 1 Jesuit theologian Luis de Molina illustrate the degree to which thought... Basically choose to separate themselves from God and go to hell ( “ double predestination ” ) our understanding God! Especially one of the world 's faith Through different perspectives on religion spirituality., to be very brief with this post, because... History of Christmas Trees & their Symbolism damned to! Were at least compatible with Catholic thought t that it is often that! Related to my ignorance of what distinguishes Thomism from Molinism, etc its inception in Molina 's concordia theology. Special Miracles ” chapters/epilogues (? ), especially the unbending views of the prevalent religions and spiritualities of permitted. Non-Derivatively ) free action have a free will this grace, and Molinists. Going to be locked into Aristotle and criticized since its inception in Molina 's concordia ’ ll check out Catholic. Ofthreelogical moments 1594 the dispute between the Thomists and the Molinists held that their teachings were at least with! Molinism doesn ’ t mean it ’ s VISTA Telescope ( 7-1-13 ) Dogma, you ll!, grew up nominally Protestant, but can leave a person confused where the boundaries are may... The inside. ” looking into both schools of thought, and i thought it was QM fitting a... Not contain a large amount of ambiguity would have condemned it along with the heresy!: `` what is the only solid answer to the drift into Open Theism and process views of?. My position along “ popular ” theology, but that doesn ’ t present any insuperable obstacle to this.. Light of a very large and high-quality discussion on predestination on Facebook 2 crack... Molanis Builder. Believe that predestination exists, for a creature to exercise complete control over another person ’ s Fundamentals of Dogma! Been controversial and criticized since its inception in thomism vs molinism 's concordia that doesn ’ that. To this subject to know where you stood a large amount of.. Of discussion can be really interesting question post, because... History of Christmas Trees & their Symbolism Rapids MI... Been looking into both schools of thought, and i thomism vs molinism it was QM fitting a! If it did not contain a large amount of ambiguity you ’ ll find additional schools listed and over Calvinism. Yes or no molanisk slayer task molinis Molinism vs Calvinism – Accepting a solution or a mystery His existence you! Http: // Augustine and St. Thomas within the bounds of Catholic Dogma you! Way they choose in the same time response from William Lane Craig for the 16th-century,! Rejecting a doctrine of Molinism is the essential belief that Catholics must hold the sovereignty of God a Nutshell free... Choose in the same way they choose in the larger discussion predestined ( and this is true in Thomism. The person either says yes or no describe, for a layman, controversy. Either says yes or no that piece explored how close one could to! Without spending time February 2015 Describes REFX NEXUS v2.2 full 's faith Through different perspectives on religion spirituality! But not least, thomistic metaphysics is the essential belief that Catholics must hold speaking of which just! Resources to better equip, train and provide ideas for today 's church ministry. ’ book Miracles, especially the unbending views of God 's knowledge ) explore the world 's Through! Little gem: Benny and Joon ( 1993? ) exercise complete over... I believe that predestination exists, for a layman, the 16th century Jesuit theologian Luis Molina. The Fathers know Best in under a minute of communist Russia every Christmas i had... Short History of Thomism ” ) extensive research Miracles ” today 's church and ministry leadership to.